ISO distributed their first sequence of quality management standards in 1987. Since its inception, over one million businesses and organizations received the ISO 9001 certification. Various companies throughout the globe are operating within the ISO guidelines. However, business owners without this certification may wonder if they will see higher profits if they get this accreditation.

After an analysis of 42 scientific studies, it is safe to say ISO standards will improve the bottom line in any organization. However, the real benefits come in the form of noticeable improvements to the company’s performance and safety standards. Organizations looking for a quick way to resolve financial problems may miss the point of becoming certified. An increase in profits is always good, but improving the inner workings of a company is far better.

Scientific Studies on the iso9001 are accurate for the most part, but conflicting conclusions on the financial aspects are apparent. Many companies are noticing an increase in profits while others are not having the same experience. Aside from the connection between management consulting and profits, additional aspects may have an impact on the overall operation.

By using the meta-analysis approach, researchers had the ability to look deeper into the results from the 42 studies. Meta-analysis, developed by Lipsey and Wilson, basically looks for measurable results and similarities within studies. Researchers took this method and examined the financial outcomes of companies who were iso9001 certified and non-certified. They went over the most obvious indicators such as profits, market share, assets, sales, equity, and profitability.

ISO Certification Consultation is Financially Beneficial

After a close examination, the research shows a clear connection between the ISO certification and company profits. Apparently, an iso 9001 consultant has the ability to suggest improvements that could increase capital. Sales performances account for the majority of this financial increase. Each company experienced an increase in profits at different intervals. To get specific results, analysts needed to consider every variable because each company is operating within their own budgets and parameters.

Organizations across the board have different sizes, structures, and profit margins. For this reason, most businesses will not see profits right after being certified. Also, some companies may experience profits for different reasons. Companies that have larger profit margins may have the upper hand. Organizations that need to change their inner workings will experience profits slower. Before they notice a difference, they will need to address key areas within the business that affect productivity and efficiency.



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The signal effect also has an influence on an organization’s profits. This is a theory that states most customers are not aware of the correlation between a manufacturer and their products. ISO9001 consultants can show you how customer awareness increases when signaling takes place. The study does not specifically pinpoint whether or not profits are coming from an increase in customer appreciation or signaling by ISO.

The motivation for receiving this certification can be internal or external. If customers or legal officials are putting pressure on the organization, this is an external motivator. If a company notices a lack of efficiency and productivity, this is an internal motivator that can push them towards receiving a certification. Financial benefits are rarely a motivator for receiving a certification because it is usually an end result. The connection between an ISO certification and financial benefits is usually an afterthought that doesn’t have the potency to be a motivator.