An onsite noise assessment of your workplace is a sound idea.

Good hearing is a must for staff in many industries, as it helps keeps them aware of their surroundings, alert to sudden changes in their work environment, and on top of whether certain machinery is functioning as it should be. However, many worksites are loud, active environments, with a host of both internal and external noises occurring across the workday, and business’ have a responsibility to ensure that the noise levels at their worksites remain within compliant levels, that noises exceeding regulatory levels are allayed, and that their staff are not detrimentally impacted by worksite noise.

Anitech conducts onsite noise assessment and audiometric testing for business’, in which our qualified audiometric consultants visit workplaces in their fully equipped noise assessment van, to conduct onsite noise assessments of the worksite, as well as personal hearing tests on employees. A comprehensive noise assessment of your workplace will help your business achieve several goals, including:

  • Track the level of hearing loss incurred in employees over time. Anitech can conduct these tests at periodic intervals and doing so allows business’ to chart the level of hearing loss in employees, and ascertain if it is potentially being caused by onsite factors. These tests are quick and easy; staff wear a pair of headphones, and try to hear notes that are played over them across a range of decibel levels. Conducting these tests over time allows workplaces to track the level of hearing loss in staff, and develop action plans for ensuring overly loud noises are contained at safe levels.
  • Conducting comprehensive noise testing of the entire worksite, to ascertain which noises are at compliant levels, which may be exceeding them, and work at developing a clear plan for minimising noise risks, ensuring that they reach and stay at compliant levels.
  • Determine whether any noise control measures can be implemented to work at containing noises and keeping staff safe from audial risks. This can include helping the business to develop a noise management plan, and assessing whether external noise mitigation equipment, such as ear plugs, could be utilised across worksites to mitigate excessive noise levels.
  • Test the effectiveness of existing noise control measures, to ensure everything is working as it should be, and that routine maintenance can be performed on noise control measures that are not performing as they should be, to help get everything back to an acceptable level.

Check out Anitech’s stylish noise assessment van

When driving to various worksites to conduct noise control tests, our noise consultants travel in style. The above pictures show our noise assessment van, which has certified noise control testing equipment stored within. As you can see, some of the noise control testing services Anitech offers are:

  • On-site hearing tests for employees – By getting staff to listen to a range of decibel sounds on a pair of headphones, our noise assessors can quickly ascertain whether staff have any discernible hearing loss that may impact their ability to perform their role. Further, by conducting future hearing tests on staff, across regular intervals, we can track their progress, assessing whether they have incurred any hearing loss in the interim.
  • Workplace noise testing – Our noise consultants can conduct a comprehensive onsite noise assessment of your workplace, to ascertain the decibel levels of particular noises, and check whether they are meeting noise compliance levels. According to existing work health and safety regulations, workers cannot be exposed to more than 85 decibels across a standard eight-hour shift, or noise levels exceeding a 140 decibel peak, which is defined as excessively loud noises and sounds at particular worksites, such as drilling, sledge-hammering, and so on.
  • Workplace hearing solutions – If the workplace is discovered to have excessive onsite noises exceeding regulatory standards, Anitech’s assessors can discuss a range of potential solutions for minimising these noises, including wearing PPE equipment, such as ear-muffs, minimising the exposure time that staff have around loud noises, providing designated quiet areas for staff, and so on.

Business’ should be sending a loud and clear message about noise compliance

When it comes to appropriate workplace noise levels, business’ need to have clear processes in place for managing excessive noise and ensuring that their staff are safe from noise risks. They also need to develop a straight-forward plan for mitigating noise hazards and ensuring that onsite noise levels remain compliant.

If you would like to know more about how your business stands to benefit from a noise assessment test, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. By telling them about your operations, and some of the noises that employees are regularly exposed to, they will be able to discuss with you how your business could benefit from a qualified noise assessment, thus ensuring that your operations remains safe and compliant. Doesn’t it sound appealing for people to know that your business has a commitment to compliant noise practices?

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