A free webinar that gives your business the knowledge of how to protect its information assets.

One of the saddest things when reading about a company that had their information systems hacked, and their confidential data got into the wrong hands, is knowing that the entire situation could have been avoided if only a few extra information security procedures had been followed. As technology evolves, the ways in which hackers, computer viruses, ransomware and spoof emails try to gain unauthorised access to your data evolve with it. What this means for business’ is that to keep their confidential data secure and free from breaches, they need to move with the times.

Thirty years ago when the whole world wasn’t connected by the internet, it was fine to have your partner’s name as the password to access important company data, but now a password like that will practically be the first thing a hacker guesses. To keep your business’ data secure from information breaches you need to move your information security systems with the times, as this means staying one step ahead of the hackers. Passwords consisting of a combination of random letters, number and symbols, two-factor authentication to access work files, and workstations that automatically log out after a set period of inactivity are just a few of the information security strategies business’ can implement to keep their data secure.

It is clear that strong information security systems is absolutely vital to all workplaces that work with staff, client, and customer data, as a single breach could mean that information gets into the wrong hands, which could severely impact the companies ability to function, as well as negatively effect its reputation. For this reason, Anitech, in conjunction with the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA), is hosting a free webinar for business’ on Thursday, the 5th of November, 11am EST, titled ‘The Importance of Information Security in the Workplace.’ This informative webinar will offer organisations of all shapes and sizes an insight into how to safeguard their business data in both the digital and physical environment, by employing simple, yet effective, information security protocols. All business’ who attend this free webinar stand to gain something from it, because it will offer a host of effective strategies for business’ to ensure their confidential data stays protected, and that no accidental or intentional data breaches impact their ability to function.

What will be covered at this webinar

It will be hosted by Anita Patturajan, founder and director of Anitech, who will be providing insight into some of the more common information security risks that business’ are exposed to, and how Anitech works at providing them with strong Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to counter these security threats. Speakers at the webinar will be Anitech’s James Paul and Sreejith Sreekumar, who both specialise in providing ISMS solutions for business’. They will offer insight into some potential information security breaches business’ may be facing, and what they can do to protect themselves, thus ensuring their data always remains secure.

They will discuss how the ISO 27001 Information Security Standards are an internationally certified, proven successful, guideline for companies seeking to protect their information, which provides them with information security strategies recognised the world over as the most effective method for business’ needing to protect their data. In short, these standards give business’ the knowledge to protect their knowledge.

Important topics that will be covered include:

  • How business’ need to protect themselves from all potential information security risks, both large and small in scope. What might appear to be a ‘small’ incident can still have severe ramifications on the operations, and potentially disrupt a business’ ability to function.
  • Why conducting regular information security risk assessments and audits is vital, especially in the current, unstable work environment. Potential threats to business data can come at any stage, and even if a business has implemented some security measures to counter them, changing work environments, workloads, computer system upgrades, and so on, are all factors that could expose the organisation to a number of new potential information threats. By conducting periodic audits in which the business’ existing information security systems are tested, business’ stand the best chance of identifying any potential threats, and mitigating them.

A short Q and A session will follow the webinar, in which people will be able to ask specific information security questions relating to their own business, in order to help them develop a better understanding of how this issue applies to their own operations, and what steps they need to take to protect their company.

Business’ will be able to access a simple, yet effective, risk assessment tool for their business after the webinar has finished, by visiting Anitech’s website, so that they can have a specific idea of the scope of information security threats their organisation may be facing, and how the implementation of an ISMS will work at protecting one of their business’ most valuable assets, its information.

The webinar is free, but attendance spots are limited, so please click here to RSVP your place, no later than close of business on Wednesday, the 4th of November. Further, if this discussion has made you think about whether your business’ existing information security systems are as strong as they need to be, and whether there are any potential weak points that hackers could exploit to gain unauthorised access, then please give Anitech’s consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. They will be able to have an open discussion with you about the scope of your business’ existing security systems, and the ways in which it could be strengthened to ensure that your data remains confidential, uncorrupted, and available to authorised personnel. Isn’t this kind of secure peace of mind something that all business’ should strive for?

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