A certified occupational hygienist helps companies achieve a range of operational goals.

If you were to study some of the working strategies taken by business’ that have successfully maintained their operations during the very challenging past 18 months, you would notice some shared behaviours amongst them, such as a strong work ethic, great problem-solving abilities, and a proactive approach to addressing potential workplace risks. This means actively identifying potential onsite health risks before they can affect staff, and taking preventative measures to mitigate them. This proactive approach is favoured by successful business’, as by dealing with potential risks before they can impact operations, productivity is maximised and downtime is significantly minimised. And with myriad occupational hygiene risks potentially threatening the health and safety of staff, it is crucial that business’ adopt this proactive approach, by contracting the services of a certified occupational hygienist. This article will explain this process, and discuss why it is so important for business’.

Compliant industrial hygiene practices help companies run smoothly

Industrial hygiene, also known as occupational hygiene, is the process of utilising scientific procedures to measure the extent of staff exposure to a variety of environmental risk factors. Compliant occupational hygiene practices both identify the extent of potential onsite hygiene risks, and implement control measures to ensure they remain within compliant levels, and that staff safety is not placed at risk.

Business’ that attempt to develop compliant occ. hygiene practices on their own may face extra challenges, as it increases the chances of an exposure risk not being identified and dealt with. Companies need to thoroughly identify all onsite exposure risks, which could range from dust and other atmospheric contaminants that could cause respiratory issues in staff, insufficient ventilation, heat issues, unsafe chemical storage, an ineffective ergonomic office layout, and so on. Overlooking a single exposure risk endangers the safety of both staff and customers, puts the business at risk of fines, and can impact the company’s overall reputation.

To address these issues, business’ should contract the services of a certified occupational hygienist, who travels to worksites to conduct a comprehensive occupational hygiene audit under COVID-Safe conditions. An occ. hygiene audit has the occupational hygienist thoroughly identify the full extent of occupational hygiene risks the business may be exposed to, and then measure them to determine whether the risks are meeting the business’ compliance obligations. If they are not, the company will be provided with a straight-forward action plan about what steps they need to take to meet and maintain their compliance obligations.

In addition, the certified occupational hygienist will help companies develop ongoing control measures to continually monitor workplace exposure levels, to ensure they always remain within compliance levels. These control measures can provide peace of mind to the business, regulatory bodies, staff, and customers that the operations has thoroughly determined the scope of occupational hygiene risks its staff may be exposed to, and taken appropriate action to mitigate them.

Certified occupational hygienists make this process easy

One of the key benefits to contracting the services of a certified occupational hygienist is they greatly simplify the challenge of developing compliant occupational hygiene practices, by approaching the task in a meticulous, methodical manner. They clearly understand the compliance goals that business’ need to achieve, and can easily help them develop relevant processes to meet them.

Their comprehensive approach to developing compliant occupational hygiene practices provides companies with an assurance that nothing gets overlooked, and that the problem is addressed in a straight-forward manner, with minimal operational disruption.

Our specialist consultants can help with this process

Reading this article may have left you with some questions about how this process specifically applies to your operations, the particular benefits your company stands to receive, how long it takes, and so on.

Please contact our specialist consultants today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone at 1300 802 163 for a brief, obligation-free consultation about this auditing process, and how it can be specifically applied to your operations. The more information you provide our consultants the better they will be able to fully answer your queries; so to make the consultation as informative as possible be sure to have information about your business industry, size, worksite specifics, the number of staff typically onsite, and other relevant information, on hand.

After a short discussion with our consultants, they can then arrange for a certified occupational hygienist to travel to your worksite, under COVID-Safe conditions, to conduct an audit in a straight-forward, hassle-free manner, thus helping your company clearly achieve its goals. Doesn’t that sound like an effective process?

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