Compliant occupational hygiene practices can bring many benefits to organisations.

One of the strongest assets a business can have is a good reputation and high customer satisfaction. Providing a safe, satisfactory service will greatly increase the chances of customers returning to your business, and works at distinguishing an organisation from its competitors. This is so important when it comes to safe, compliant occupational hygiene practices, as many potential customers within the community are reluctant to visit businesses right now, as the pandemic has heightened concerns over unsafe work environments. By contracting a certified occupational hygienist to conduct an occupational hygiene audit of a worksite, businesses are working to identify the full extent of potential onsite occupational hygiene risks, and taking active steps to mitigate them. This article will discuss the benefits of this process, and how it not only helps organisations meet their compliance obligations, it provides customers with a reassurance about the businesses safe practices.

Compliant occupational hygiene practices increase customer confidence

One of the most important benefits businesses can receive from meeting and maintaining compliant occupational hygiene practices is increased staff and customer confidence. Depending on the industry a business operates in, it could be exposed a range of occupational hygiene risks, including silica dust exposure, ill-suited lighting, poor ventilation, noise distractions, atmospheric contaminants, and heat stress.

Businesses that risk exposing staff and customers to these elements could see their operations detrimentally impacted in several ways, some of which could significantly affect the ability of the organisation to remain a competitive industry player. For example, staff exposed to dust contaminants may need to take time off work to recover, leading to an increase in downtime and a potential loss in revenue. Ill-suited workplace lighting not only makes it more difficult for staff to concentrate on their duties, it can also make it harder for customers to navigate the premises. And in today’s extremely competitive marketplace, many customers won’t give a company a second chance after having a negative onsite experience; they will simply take their business elsewhere. As many organisations only having a small window of opportunity to attract and maintain new customers, it is crucial that they can demonstrate compliant occupational hygiene practices, as a negative experience may see customers take their business to a competitor.

An occupational hygiene audit helps companies achieve their goals

Businesses can effectively mitigate these risks by contracting an occupational hygiene audit of their worksites, in which a certified occupational hygienist will travel to the workplace, under COVID-Safe conditions, to identify and measure exposure levels of all occupational hygiene risks the workplace may be exposed to. They will then determine whether the organisation is meeting its compliance obligations. If not, the occupational hygienist will work with the business to develop control measures that will work at getting the risks to compliant levels, and ensuring they stay there.

By undergoing this process, companies demonstrate a commitment to staff and customer safety, to compliant work practices, and an effective approach to working. As stated above, exposure to occupational hygiene risks can impact organisations in several ways, with non-compliant companies at risk of incurring fines, seeing a significant increase in downtime, and decreased staff and customer confidence.

Our specialist consultants are here to help businesses with this process

For all the above reasons, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with their occupational hygiene obligations, to ensure they are both met and maintained. Reading this article may have left you with some questions about how an occupational hygiene audit could be tailored to your operations, how this process can be conducted in a hassle-free manner, and so on.

Please contact our specialist consultants today by email at or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a brief, obligation-free discussion about this process. By telling our consultants about your organisation, including its industry, workplace environment, number of staff typically onsite, and so on, they will be able to discuss with you some of the common, and not so common, occupational hygiene risks your company may be exposed to, and how this auditing process can work at protecting your business. They can then arrange for a certified occupational hygienist to travel to your workplace to conduct a thorough occupational hygiene audit, at a time that is convenient for you. Doesn’t that sound like a smart solution to a common challenge?

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