A business’ organisational structure is a lot like a human body. When all parts of the body are safe and out of harm’s way, a person increases their chances of success, as a healthy demeanour is beneficial to a productive one. However, if a single part of the body is injured it can have a detrimental effect on the whole person, by bringing down their demeanour, filling them with negative energy.

A business operates in a similar manner. If all staff, in their respective departments, feel appreciated and enjoy their work, they increase the odds of the business operating in an efficient, streamlined manner. However, if staff feel unappreciated, or believe that they are in a negative environment, this works at lowering not only their confidence, but also the morale of their colleagues, which can have a detrimental effect on the entire business operation.

If a part of the body is injured, there are numerous things a person can do to help themselves get better, such as exercising or taking medicine. So too with business’, if there is an issue with its operations affecting its performance, there are steps they can take to rectify the issue, thus getting back on track.

ISO 27001:2013 is an internationally recognised Information Security Management System (ISMS) that helps your business stay on track, or get back on track, towards optimum performance, by identifying potential information security threats and working at eliminating them. It presents ideas and solutions that your business can implement in order to safeguard its confidential information, protect the interests of both staff and clients, and establish a framework for a happy, productive work culture in which all staff feel appreciated.

It does this by establishing a work environment conducive to the exchange of information, in which individual employees are delegated with clear, detailed information security responsibilities, which develops a clear chain of command that employees can follow in the event of a problem. This takes the pressure off staff worrying about what to do in the event of an issue, as it has been clearly outlined, and they simply need to follow the checklist.

Further, ISO 27001 can work at creating a culture of inclusion and awareness in your organisation, as employees will need to be briefed on potential information security threats, and take part in discussions about their role in mitigating such issues, through methods such as storing their files in secure locations and logging off work emails after use to prevent data breaches. This approach works at establishing the principles of data protection into the organisation’s culture, as each employee will be given a chance to understand their own role in the overall information security of the business, and how they can directly contribute to a supportive and secure work environment.

Information Security Management Systems work at Instilling Supportive Morale Structures.

The underlying principles of ISO 27001 is not only one of information security, protecting your business’ data, and upholding its reputation, but also one of establishing a streamlined, supportive business environment in which employees feel supported, valued, and thus, want to work towards these goals.

If you feel that your business stands to gain something from the implementation of the ISO 27001 principles, then please contact Anitech’s security systems consultants on 1300 802 163 to help your business achieve Information Security. They will be able to discuss with you the specific requirements of your business, and how ISO 27001 can help it achieve these principles. An effective work environment is one in which employees feel valued, and this contributes to safe, secure information and efficient operations.

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