When looking forward to providing your clients with a safe and a suitable food product you will be required to have an HACCP certification which is considered as the foundation for all businesses that are involved in such activities. It can be called a beginning but is one that cannot be ignored because it is a vital step in assuring your clients you have proper systems in place to control the safety of food.

This is a system recognised throughout the world and is also known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, which can help to identify and manage physical and chemical hazards, microbiological hazards in every stage of the processing of food or handling. If you are looking forward to having an HACCP system situated properly you must understand you will have to develop and maintain hazard analysis and control systems along with having management systems and prerequisite programs for your business. It must also be understood that an independent audit to understand whether your business is in compliance with the stipulations in place will also be involved. Therefore, you must enlist the help of a food safety consultant that is best suited to help you.

The HACCP Food Safety Plan Explained

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points require your business to have procedures and systems that are documented in place to manage hazards related to food safety and, which are identified as hazard risks. The HACCP food-safety plan will generally include:

The identification of personnel who have been given responsibilities of food safety.

A description of products they are responsible for and the use of the same.

An analysis of food safety and the quality risks.

Operating procedures that are standard for all operations that could impact food safety.

Support programs that are well documented and giving information about proper processing of food, handling including training provided to staff, maintenance, pest control and product recall if required.

Paperwork to demonstrate hazards that are identified and under control along with management support for Food safety within the business must also be in place.

Getting Certified For HACCP

If you are looking forward to getting certified for HACCP one of the first tasks on your list will be to contact a food safety consultant because he or she will be the best person to guide you through the process. You cannot be of the impression you will be able to complete the procedure without help from a professional in the business. You must understand that the consultant of your choice will be in a position to look at your existing systems or procedures and wherever possible adapt them to the stipulations laid down by HACCP. They will not just make the job easier for you but will assist you to get certified faster. This is not a simple process and will require you to go through several steps before finally achieving the certification you need. You will be required to have:

A proposal for the project along with a business review.

Develop a food-safety system which is in line with HACCP.

Go through the HACCP audit for certification and any audits for re-certification

Regardless about whether you have the systems and procedures in place or are looking forward to making a fresh start you are advised to seek guidance from a food safety consultant best suited to your requirements. Trying to get certified without professional help will just make the job difficult for you. You will not have any difficulties in finding advice about food safety consulting if you decide to contact Anitech Consulting who has all the experience needed to help you achieve your objective. They will not only help you implement HACCP across your business but will give you all the support you need to maintain the certification efficiently.