The ISO 14001 certification is an internationally recognized certification that most companies strive to achieve and maintain in this modern day, where the environment is being so badly degraded through pollution. This certification is a system whereby companies are graded according to the immediate, and long-term effects their services or products have on the state of the environment.

ISO 14001 certification

The aim of the framework provided by the ISO 14001 certification is to assist companies to reduce the stress placed on the environment through their daily operations. The framework for environmental best practices is in place to assist companies in minimizing their environmental footprint, reduce and hopefully diminish the risk of pollution incidents, make provisions for operational improvements, ensure compliance with the relevant environmental legislation, and allow the company owners to develop their business in a sustainable manner.

The process involved with obtaining ISO 14001 certification is not one that can be taken lightly. The process is involved and requires change within the working systems of the company. A company needs to comply with various clauses of the ISO 14001 standards in order to obtain certification. The company is required to undertake huge changes and to implement policies, protocols, and procedures that are followed in order to minimize the impact of the companies operation on the environment.

The ISO 14001 certification carries with it many benefits that really do make enduring the gruelling procedure to obtain the certification, all that much more worthwhile.

Any company, no matter the size or operation, does have an impact on our environment and can therefore all benefit from implementing procedures to achieve this certification.

There are a number of benefits that are key in the deciding to undergo ISO 14001 evaluation.

  • Cost saving is identified and there is emphasis placed on waste, resource, and energy management.
  • The company is able to develop their corporate image and credibility in the business world through their continued efforts to do their part to protect the environment.
  • It allows the company the ability to keep a handle on the impact their operations have on the environment at all times, and to control it.
  • The company is made aware of legislature and they are able to comply more readily with this knowledge on hand.
  • The ability to improve environmental performance of supply chain.
  • The company, its assets, the directors, and shareholders are protected.
  • There is a possibility of reducing the public liability insurance of the company through increased awareness and efforts to keep the environmental impact at an absolute minimum.
  • Grow your network of business partners and potential customers.

We are all aware at this present moment about the degradation of the environment and the ever-increasing threat of global warming, and the possible effects this will have on our planet. How we manage our business and how we impact the environment while doing so, will have the final decision on whether or not there is a planet left for future generations.

Polar ice caps are melting, sea levels rising, animal species dying out, and weather pattern that were simply unheard of in past times. Business does take it’s toll on the environment, gas emissions and pollutants have filled the air for years, causing damage that we have no hope of rectifying, but we can go forward in a manner that reduces our future effects. Sea shores have been raped in search of minerals used in the operation and production of raw materials and products and in past times, these were simply left as is with absolutely no rehabilitation of the land at all. ISO 14001 certification is on a mission to change all that and any company that hops on board can rest assured knowing that their business won’t be the death of our planet.

What we need to bear in mind is that it is not only the environment that is impacted,but the health and well-being of employees, as well as inhabitants of the area. Being constantly subjected to harmful chemicals and fumes causes illnesses that affect the respiratory system and can even result in certain cancers, and ultimately death in many cases.

Business is always going to be around. Without it, we as the human race have nothing to trade, no economy, and many products we use on a daily basis will vanish. ISO 14001 is a compromise between companies and the environment, one that seeks to encourage economy boosting business, but keep the environment in tact at the same time.

There has to be a balance maintained, man cannot be allowed to destroy the Earth, take the valuable treasure it hides, and leave it to ruin. If man continues on a path set on that course, in a few years there will be nothing left for them to take and their business will be at an end. ISO 14001 allows business the opportunity to understand this and to create a sustainable business environment, take what you need and rehabilitate so that the resources are renewed.

Many large corporations strive to uphold their ISO 14001 certification standards, it is an excellent reflection of them as a company, and allows them to hold their heads up high in a community that has been lacking this kind of consideration and care for far too long. Integrity is built through their valiant efforts to do their part to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and to ensure a brighter future for those who will follow us.

If companies were to continue on their path of destruction, there would surely be nothing of beauty left in this world, as it is our selfish acts to date have seen the depletion of coral reefs that took thousands of years to form and develop and were home to so many species that it is unimaginable. We have ruined our sea shores and fogged up our air, but there is time to make a change. Perhaps it’s too late but we can only hope it is not.