Every organization has an annual ritual of holding financial reviews, planning, budgeting and forecasting. The ritual is similar to the quality management systems that are required by ISO 9001 which if adopted gives organizations the credibility of getting recognized internationally apart from giving local consumers of the company information that this organization has a reputation which will be difficult to surpass.

iso 9001

Organizations indulge in their annual review as a regular matter and do not need help from other sources other than an accountant. The quality management systems of ISO 9001 are different and need to be implemented in line with the latest developments. This will not be a task, which organizations can undertake on their own. It is quite likely for them to need help from ISO consultants and possibly the very same ISO 9001 consulting company, which assisted them to correct the certificate. What are changes being seen in this process despite being similar?

The requirements of ISO 9001, including QMS internal auditing, are entirely different from the internal review an organization could be looking forward to holding. This is a crucial procedure that must be diligently followed even after implementation. Organizations must ensure they are staying in line with the specifications outlined in the regulations by the authorities, including QMS internal auditing. They must take into account the fact that changes could have been made and therefore, must be looking forward to incorporating any or all the changes according to the requirements of their business.

The requirements specified would be no different from those an accountant would say is the latest requirement of the organization. The ISO 9001 consultant they hire will give a similar opinion stating that the changes are in line to improve the existing quality management system they have implemented within their organization. Advice will be provided about having the latest developments implemented for best results, and it will come from an individual who will have proper information about the requirements of ISO 9001. Organizations will do well to follow the advice because it will keep them in line with the latest developments within the ISO family.

The entire objective of holding an annual review for ISO 9001 will be to ensure that the organization is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO and has in place a system of holding an assessment of their quality management system along with management of the organization right down to take into account their objectives for the oncoming year. This can be considered as no different from a financial review, which gives organizations the ability to plan for the future. Perhaps the only change that would be seen is in the requirement of an ISO 9001 consultant that will be in a better position to manage this issue than an accountant. Organizations cannot afford to ignore this factor because the requirements of ISO 9001 certification state that it is obligatory on the organization continually to improve themselves and make all efforts needed to retain the trust of their clients and the market in general.

After giving an explanation about how it is slightly different from a management review it can also be said that there are certain similarities, which make the entire process, look easy to handle with just a few changes in the requirements that are needed.