If you are in the business of food you will know for certain you need to follow some guidelines set forth by the authorities within the country. You will also have information about how the guidelines are extremely beneficial for your business. As you get preoccupied with the business, it is quite likely that you may not have the time to explain the systems and procedures you have in place to your customers. However, you can reap more benefits from your food business if you decide to make the information available to your customers because you can be certain it will just increase their confidence bringing about a conversion within them that will look spectacular. What is the information you need to share with your customers?

Being in the food business you will know your customers are fearful about getting food products of the best quality because they would not want to expose themselves to risks of any kind. Their foremost concern will be to try to understand whether the qualities of products they are buying from you are safe for consumption and can be used without any concerns. They will have no way of getting the information unless you are prepared to share it with them with regular interactions. You must understand it is imperative for you to share certain information with your customers just because it will benefit your business largely. What is the information you should be looking forward to sharing?

Your customers will want to have all the information about your business. However, just sharing information, which will be beneficial is recommended because you are not about to distribute an encyclopaedia of the business you have. Remember you are looking forward to increasing the confidence of your customers in your business. You can easily achieve this objective by giving information, which will directly affect them. Do not get the feeling you are withholding information at any time but rather be pleased that your customers will be happy about what you have said. Let us look at the information that you must look forward to sharing.

1) Do not hesitate to make it known that you are committed to deliver Safe Quality Food. This information makes it clear to your customers that you have a system situated properly to identify safety and quality risks for the products you are offering them.

2) You have in place a system to ensure the quality of the product you sell meets the highest safety standards.

3) Tracking and monitoring the food from its place of origin along with the handling are improved to the safety standards you have implemented.

4) You comply with the specifications of retailers and the quality standards that have been set forth.

5) You have a commitment to produce and trade in safe quality food.

6) You meet food safety and traceability requirements of the government.

7) That the implementation of the program you have in place meets standards of global market requirements.

The information you share with your customers is something which your customers would love to hear from you. However, you will not be able to make these claims unless you have followed certain guidelines, which have been set forth by the government. What are these guidelines?

Before making these claims you must understand you will be required to have in place an HACCP food safety system situated properly to verify you have done everything to meet the standards required. You will not be competent to substantiate your words unless you can provide evidence about the systems you have to establish why your customers can confidently deal with you without fear. If you do not have an HACCP food safety system, you will do well to contact a food safety consultant that can assist you in getting certified.

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