Our webinar will provide interesting insights into preventing food recalls.

Every time a case of food products being recalled makes the news, people focus on whether anything could have been done to prevent it from happening. People start asking questions about what processes were not followed, what aspect of the food supply chain was impacted, if and how it could have been prevented, and what the company is doing to ensure it never happens again. This is because companies forced to undergo a food product recall can be impacted detrimentally in many ways, including a damaged reputation, financial penalties, and reduced consumer confidence. Many businesses in the food industry want to ensure that their operations never undergoes a food product recall, but are unsure about what actions they should be taking to develop clear, compliant food safety practices. Businesses can learn the secrets to preventing food recalls by attending our upcoming webinar.

HACCP certification and developing an effective food safety program will be discussed

The webinar, titled Preventing Food Recalls, Protecting Your Business will be held on Wednesday, the 24th of November, at 11am Melbourne time. Hosts Sabina and Renita, Anitech’s food safety specialists, will be providing an in-depth discussion about how certification to an internationally recognised food safety program is the secret to preventing food recalls. They will discuss how by certifying to the ISO 22000 Food Safety Standards businesses can develop effective strategies for identifying and controlling the scope of food contamination risks, and ensuring their food products stay safe across the entire food supply chain.

Our expert speakers will utilise a problem-solution model to discuss how businesses can develop effective strategies for preventing food recalls, and upholding the integrity of their food practices across the entire food supply chain. To make this session more engaging to attendees, our expert speakers will be discussing some high-profile cases of companies forced to undergo food product recalls, and how this impacted their operations. They will explain in detail how a food supply chain can be corrupted, and how even a single aspect of the supply chain being contaminated compromises the integrity of an entire operations.

Food recalls is the problem, our webinar is the answer

It will be a short, engaging webinar, comprising of two sections. Initially, our expert speakers will provide an informative half hour seminar about common and not-so-common food contamination risks, and what businesses can be doing to protect their operations against them. Real-life high-profile case studies of businesses forced to undergo food product recalls will be discussed, to illustrate how food supply chains can become contaminated, and what steps businesses can take to prevent this from happening. A ten-minute Question and Answer session will follow, where our attendees will have the opportunity put their food safety questions to our experts, receiving an immediate response.

Further, our experts will talk about another secret to preventing food recalls – how through ISO 22000 certification, they can implement the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles to review the scope of their operations, identify all food contamination risks, and take straight-forward, compliant actions to identify and control them.

Hosted via Zoom, it is a free session open to all businesses, but spots are filling fast so RSVP here at your earliest convenience, to ensure you do not miss out. However, if reading this has made you interested to learn what immediate action you can take to protect your operations, then please contact our food safety specialists today by filling out this simple contact us form, or by calling them on 1300 802 163, for a free, short consultation. All you need to do is tell them about your operations, including its worksite set up, location, size, and some of the food safety challenges you are concerned about, and they can explain to you how the ISO 22000 Standards can help your company achieve its goals, remain a competitive industry player, and uphold its reputation as a safe company to purchase food from. We can’t wait to see you at our webinar!

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