An Environmental Management System helps companies develop socially responsible practices.

What do you think environmentally friendly practices mean to organisations? To start with, by operating in an environmentally friendly manner, companies are demonstrating a commitment to socially sustainable practices, which can help distinguish them from other businesses is a competitive marketplace. However, the develop of an environmentally friendly operations can bring many more benefits to organisations, by helping them meet their regulatory obligations, develop more efficient procedures, and minimise overall expenses, through the development of more cost-effective processes. By implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) across their operations, companies will be in the best position to achieve the above goals, as an EMS helps control environmental risks, reduce the environmental impact of a company’s activities, and helps organisations develop an enhanced operations in the process. This article will discuss why it is in a business’ best interest to implement an environmental management system as soon as possible.

An EMS helps companies uphold their reputation

All companies should have, to some extent, an interest in developing environmentally friendly practices. For some business’ this helps them meet their legal and regulatory obligations, for others it helps them develop and maintain a reputation as a socially conscious employer, while for others it helps them create more streamlined, efficient processes. Further, none of these are mutually exclusive, as an EMS can help business’ achieve many of these goals simultaneously.

By implementing the internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, organisations’ will be able to develop straightforward process to manage and control environmental risks, minimise wastage through the strategic use of resources, create a reputation as a socially conscious business, and increase their profits through the development of more efficient, environmentally friendly practices.

Through ISO 14001 certification, companies will be able to develop a straight-forward approach to achieving the above goals. The implementation process sees their existing practices audited for inefficiencies and environmental risks. Once identified, the business will then work at developing compliant, effective strategies for controlling these risks, bringing them down to compliant levels.

What benefits ISO 14001 certification can bring to your business

ISO 14001 certification brings tangible, real-world benefits to organisations. For example, the development of improved waste management processes means a reduction in business expenses, as companies will see their utility bills decrease, through more effective resource usage. Further, ISO 14001certification helps business’ develop a cohesive, all-in-one approach to meeting their environmental obligations, and provide transparent documentation of what steps they have taken to meet their objectives. By reducing the number of touchpoints, and combining business processes, company operations will become easier to manage and maintain, thus reducing overhead expenses. An EMS also helps companies work towards clear environmental goals, such as increasing how much the business recycles, developing stronger networks by connecting with other companies with shared goals, and improving the overall morale of staff.

Contact our specialist consultants for more information

The specific benefits an EMS will bring to a company depends upon a wide range of factors, including its industry, size, work type, how many staff it has, and a host of other factors. That is why it is worthwhile for a business to have a consultation with an ISO 14001 specialist to discuss the specifics of their operations, how the ISO 14001 Standards could be tailored to it, any specific environmental management challenges the business wants to address, and so on.

Please contact our specialist consultants today by email at or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a brief, obligation-free discussion about this procedure. They will be able to answer any queries you have, and explain the implementation and maintenance process in detail. Following this, they can arrange for an ISO 14001 consultant to commence this process with your operations, in a COVID-Safe manner, at a time best suited to you. Doesn’t that sound like a discussing worth having?

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