Effective office ergonomics improves productivity and increases staff comfort.

Anyone who has ever sat in an uncomfortable chair for a long time, worked at a desk that was either too short or tall for them, or worked in a busy, noisy workplace would be able to tell you just how important effective office ergonomics is. The strategic use of it can help maximise space, improve employee comfort, and provide staff with a sense of safety and personal space. These factors combine to enhance the overall office experience, by alleviating potential stresses and ensuring that staff are in the best position, both physically and mentally, to work to the best of their ability. This article will discuss some of the ways companies can utilise office ergonomics to develop a more efficient work environment.

Appropriate office ergonomics helps staff stay comfortable

When designing a workplace to be ergonomically friendly and efficient, there are some important considerations business’ need to consider. Firstly, they should ensure that the office environment is laid out in a safe, hazard-free manner, that all potential tripping or falling hazards are quickly addressed, and that the overall workspace is safe for all staff. Following this, companies should ensure that staff are provided with safe ergonomic workstations which minimise potential injury risks, such as back and neck pain, and also provide employees with a comfortable place to work at for prolonged periods of time.

Here are some simple, effective ergonomic strategies that business’ could be implementing to ensure their workplaces meet individual staff requirements:

  • Install office dividers and desk dividers throughout the office. Dividers are a simple, easy, and portable method of separating offices into distinctive areas, controlling noises, providing staff with privacy and personal space, and separating areas into different workstations. In short, office dividers are ubiquitous in offices because of their versatility and ease of use, as they help companies easily achieve a variety of ergonomic objectives.
  • Provide staff with ergonomic chairs to improve comfort and prevent posture problems. As many workplaces require staff to sit behind their desk for long periods, it is important that staff are provided with a comfortable, ergonomically appropriate chair to sit in. This not only improves comfort, it also reduces the risk of injury from back and neck pain, as staff will be able to remain seated in a correct seating posture throughout their workday. Ergonomic chairs can promote comfort in several ways, as they often provide a range of seating options, meaning users can tailor them to their individual needs. Some of the options they may offer includes being height-adjustable, having height and back tilt features, and comfortable seat padding.
  • Provide staff with sturdy, versatile ergonomic desks. To maximise comfort and productivity, staff should be provided with ergonomic desks that meet their individual working requirements. This could include having cable holes for computers cords, modesty panels for increased privacy, and being height adjustable to maximise comfort and reduce risk of injury.

Why ergonomic workstations are a good investment

An effective ergonomic workstation improves productivity through increasing comfort. By implementing them throughout their office, organisations are demonstrating that they are mindful of both the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees, and taking appropriate action to ensure their needs are met.

With many companies across the country still having their staff work from home, the transition back to onsite work will be a gradual one. By properly implementing effective office ergonomic practices across their workplace, business’ are demonstrating that they are doing everything they can to make the transition back to onsite work safe and simple.

Contact our specialist consultants for more information

It is clear that office ergonomics is an important issue that all business’ need to be mindful of. If reading this article has prompted you to take action to learn more about how you can design your office to be ergonomically friendly, then please contact our specialist consultants today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a short, obligation-free consultation. All you need to do is tell them about your business, including its office environment, how many employees are usually onsite, what sort of work is performed onsite, and so on, and they will be able to advise you about strategies for developing effective office ergonomic practices across your workplace, to ensure productivity and staff comfort is maximised.

They can also arrange for a basic ergonomic assessment to be conducted across your worksites, under COVID-Safe conditions, to ensure everything is operating in the most efficient manner, and that safe practices are maximised whilst risk is minimised. Doesn’t that sound like something worth rearranging your office for?

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