Businesses in the industry of food are fully aware about HACCP and the fact that this concept has seven principles that have to be followed stringently. Businesses looking for this certification must understand they will not be able to try to believe they can make compromises with the principles at any time. The certifying body does not take kindly to any compromises to the principles but in fact, makes it mandatory on the applicants to make improvements whenever possible to the principles as specified. Therefore, it is essential for businesses not just to think about getting certified for the concept but also to have in mind that they will at all times remain compliant according to the requirements.


The seven principles of HACCP consider different aspects related to the food industry. They are not just considering whether an applicant is compliant with one or some of the principles. They are looking forward to getting a commitment from the applicant that he or she will make an attempt to implement and even improve the seven principles in their entirety. The certifying body makes it mandatory for all applicants not just to bother about their business but also to consider every aspect of the food industry. They are required to look at the products they intend to procure, handle and distribute even keeping a tab on the finished product until it has been consumed.

The principles are extremely stringent and require businesses to conduct a hazard analysis, determine the critical control points, establish limits and even have procedures for monitoring these steps. They will be required to maintain records of the actions they are taking by an elaborate documentation process, which can be verified at any time. Businesses must also have established corrective actions and verification procedures wherever they notice any hazards to ensure the safety of the common citizen. It is a necessity for the business to understand they are handling the product, which is susceptible to contamination, which can happen at any time from the procurement of the raw material right until the consumption of the finished product. Businesses will have to ensure they have all the measures in place to deliver secure foodstuff, which can be consumed by all.

The manufacture of safe food products has a requirement that the concept of HACCP system be built on a solid foundation of perquisite programs. The perquisite programs that have been spoken about have been listed in appendix A of the specification. Every segment of the food industry must provide the conditions that are required for the production of food during the time it is still under their control. This is traditionally followed through the application of good manufacturing practices and applicants for HACCP are required to comply with these requirements. Applicants do not have the freedom to believe every country or state will have similar common good practices that have to be followed because they could be in line with the requirements of a particular area. Therefore, they will be required to undergo training to understand how they can implement the good practices and become fully compliant with the requirements of HACCP.

The fact that businesses are not just required to follow different principles that have been laid down but also provide evidence about their doing so is likely to cause concern about whether they will be able fully to accomplish the requirements of HACCP. However, it has been significantly clarified that education and training to the requirements can be provided by HACCP consultant for new applicants and even for existing certified business because they are required to show improvements regularly to the systems they are implementing.

The seven principles of HACCP certainly appear tough and even impossible to implement unless businesses are fully committed to remove their business from being a local entity and improve it to one that is recognized throughout the world. Perhaps and most importantly this is the primary reason to state that the concept will help businesses immensely.

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